About Us

Today children are growing in a more challenging and demanding environment. The rate of change in every sphere is rapid with the enhanced knowledge exchange and technology development,the world is going flatter.

Globalization demands a new dimension to our approach to education. We thus have to recognize the need for a globally relevant education. Such on education would mean imparting skills that would develop mental agility in individuals to confidently interact and work in diverse environs or situations. The school curriculum is oriented such that students embody self confidence and “Out of the box” thought process.

Our aim is to provide learning activities which high levels of critical thinking and reasoning,accompanied by application of learning to real world situations. We need thinkers, who can organize themselves and come out with creativity in their creation of originality. It all begins with thinking, because it is pare and original.

As we progress yet in to the new and fresh academic year my only wish is that, every child should come up with new scope of learning wherein every child is a special gift from God towards humanity and each one carries something that can add more beauty to the world to the society and to the nation.

SVIS gives you the opportunity to find that talent which is already in you. Our efforts will be in letting you discover those talents and your inner strengths. Together we can, if only we want.

I would like to thank all the parents of SVIS who have put tremendous trust on us by putting your children under our care. Together with your help and co-operation we assure you that we will do the justice to you and your child. I look forward to an another successful school year. Let us march forward together that this year also becomes a successful and special to all of us. May God be with us and guide our every steps towards peace, justice and an another successful academic year.

Please feel free to contact us and give your valuable suggestion whenever you wish. It will enable us serving you better.

A good luck and God bless you all.



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