Cultural Events

» Cultural Events

In everyday conversation, the word “culture” may refer to activities in such field as art, literature and music. A people culture consists of all ideas, objects and ways of doing things created by the group. It consists of learned ways of acting, feeling and thinking, rather than biologically different ways. 

To continue this, schools should ensure to participate in cultural competitions like dance, music, drama, etc. As a matter of fact, it leads to various advantages. 

Our vision and goals are not only to conduct a cultural fest, but to enrich our students, bring out their efficiency and capabilities. Provide them with opportunities and you will see them in flying in colours. It is our great pleasure to our school ensures all the students to participate and perform on the stage which removes their stage fear and nurturing the students to gain confidence, attain specific task, alertness, have clear and concrete idea, stability, team spirit, tolerance, truthfulness, learning from failures, maintain proper and good relationship with one another, discipline, critical thinking and to develop their hidden talents.

» Educational Tour

Educational visits to places of historical importance such as monuments and museums, places of natural importance such as zoo and nature parks are conducted during each workshop. Specific Worksheets are designed for these visits to develop skills of observation and create an understanding of the aesthetics and beauty inherent in the natural and cultural environment. The teachers are encouraged to prepare and use similar worksheets while they take their students on such visits. The role of students in conservation of the natural and cultural heritage is also discussed during these visits.

» House Activities

The purpose of the house system is to inculcate a sense of discipline and leadership amongst students and also to encourage participation of all students in every educational and co - curricular based programme.

The students are divided into four Houses viz:





The school organises a number of inter-house competitions where the houses compete as teams against each other in various events. 

Points are allocated to each house based on their placings at the end of every competition as they all vie for the enviable position of the “Best House of the Year’. These competitions also allow s t u d e n t s t o l e a r n t h e importance of team work and to build on their leadership skills.

» Parent-Teacher Interaction

Along with the teaching community, education is a combined endeavor of parents and society. The institution has succeeded in developing an active organization of the parents. The school organises PTM on a regular basis. It is compulsory for all parents to attend PTM. They can meet teachers and know the progress of their wards, if needed, may even discuss the individual problems of their children and put forward their valuable suggestions.

» School Events

The school provides an effective platform for students to pursue different hobbies and give boost to their creative talents. Various functions and events are organised to celebrate important days and festivals and ensure maximum participation in these events.

Educational Trips are organized on regular basis to give students exposure in different fields like leadership, team building, life skills, etc.

It is mandatory for the students to choose one hobby of their choice from the various activities like Karate/Judo, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Aerobics, Dance(Classical/Modern), Painting, Yoga, etc. which have been introduced by the school for the benefit of the students. The students are also assessed for their performance in the hobby of their choice and are given grades accordingly.

» Sports Activities

Model Academy,an abode of holistic development, considers participation in sports as an essential component of academic pursuits. Therefore, a comprehensive programme has been created in order to provide an opportunity to the students for nurturing their physical, social and personal development and to ensure development of various skills and competencies for playing different games and sports.

Extensive and impressive outdoor and indoor facilities for Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Badminton, Cricket, various athletic events, Table Tennis, Chess and Carrom are available in the school. Specialised coaches are employed to guide and train budding players and students are being encouraged to take active part in various events at state and national level. The school has also started a cricket academy at its campus.

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