Cultural Events

In everyday conversation, the word “culture” may refer to activities in such field as art, literature and music. A people culture consists of all ideas, objects and ways of doing things created by thegroup. It consists of learned ways of acting, feeling and thinking, rather than biologically different ways.

To continue this, schools should ensure to participate in cultural competitions like dance, music, drama, etc. As a matter of fact, it leads to various advantages.

Our vision and goals are not only to conduct a cultural fest, but to enrich our students, bring out their efficiency and capabilities. Provide them with opportunities and you will see them in flying in colours. It is our great pleasure to our school ensures all the students to participate and perform on the stage which removes their stage fear and nurturing the students to gain confidence, attain specific task, alertness,have clear and concrete idea, stability, team spirit, tolerance, truthfulness,learning from failures, maintain proper and good relationship with one another,discipline, critical thinking and to develop their hidden talents.

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