Our Objective

Our Objective

  • 1.  To achieve not less than 95% success rates in all examsevery year.

  • 1.   Tomake the classroom learning environment more lively and enjoyable by usinginteractive information and communication technologies covering at least 40% ofthe curriculum.

  • 1.  To improve the competence level of existing staff in atleast one of the following areas


    a) CommunicationSkills 

    b) Computer Skills 

    c) Instructional Skills 

    d) Measurement, Evaluationand Assessment Skills 

    e) Managerial Skills 

    f) Skills Organising out of ClassActivities 

    g) Skills in Maintaining Records and improving Accountability 

    h)Pupil Support and Guidance 

    i) Action Research 

    j) Hobbies, Fine Arts andCreative Activities 

    k) Development of Self and Behavioural Modification 

    l)Conducting Technology Supported Classes 

    m) Using Language Laboratory

  • 1.   Tostrengthen the image of the school in respect of Quality Education, personalitydevelopment & national character building which can be measured by thenumber of new admissions, number of students getting through variouscompetitive exams, winning prizes in different fields per year.

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